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Institutional Architecture

EXIGO is a team of architects devoted to inspiration. As a multi-discipline firm, we have valuable expertise in design, planning and project management. This amount of experience gives us the opportunity to design architecture for institutional buildings in Texas and New Mexico. Institutional buildings—such as schools, jails, nursing homes, park facilities, civic buildings, museums, and nonprofit foundations—hold special significance in the community. These types of buildings deserve precise design, both on the exterior and interior.

How EXIGO Designs Institutional Architecture

institutional architectureIn order for a meaningful institutional building to become a reality, EXIGO must first start with the design process. This step is where we meet with our clients and listen to all they have to say. Once we gather the client’s needs and wants, we will begin with the planning processes. Master planning, for example, is a plan for the future. Since institutional buildings are required to help society today and tomorrow, they must be planned accordingly. EXIGO also offers site planning and acquisition services so clients can simply come to us with their hopes for the building and leave the rest to us. We even offer traffic planning services to make sure the industrial building is convenient and easy to access.

Institutional Architecture and Design for the Betterment of Society

A strong grasp on the needs of the community must be present when designing institutional buildings. These buildings are for the betterment of society. People in the community will make use of institutional buildings at multiple times throughout their lives. For this reason, these buildings must boast thoughtful design and architecture.

The community should be proud of the institutional buildings all around town. Take park facilities and museums, for instance. These locations play an important part in the advancement of individual values and societal needs. When the EXIGO team designs a museum or park facility, we understand the vast importance these buildings will play in the future of society. With this mindset, we’re able to design architecture that accentuates the community’s greatest assets.

All institutional buildings require well thought out design, both inside and out. Jails, nursing homes, and schools benefit greatly from interior design that focuses on the specific use for the institutional building. The interior of these buildings must properly accommodate all the people who will be within them. Interior design requires a vast amount of precision and knowledge.

Choose a Local Architecture Firm that’s Ready to Help the Community Prosper

Institutional buildings all share the same characteristic of being there for the community. The community deserves nothing but the best, especially when it comes to institutional architecture and design. This is exactly what clients can expect from EXIGO.




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