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The Important Role Architecture Plays in Education

Education is intrinsically important to our society. This is true throughout all levels of education but it might hold special significance to K-12. These are, after all, the formative years of every member of society. Although the school’s faculty, especially the teachers, play vastly important roles in the lives of students, the architecture of the schools also plays an important role. EXIGO strives to design educational buildings in which students and teachers can thrive, gaining the necessary knowledge for a brighter future and a better world.

Educational Architecture in the Southwest

educations architectureIn order for a classroom or an entire school to thrive, the school itself must be designed in such a way that the students and faculty can be comfortable. Achieving this comfort requires a multitude of environmental qualities to work in perfect unison. In truth, the build environment of the school impacts those within the building. Make sure this impact is positive!

Classroom Orientation

The way a classroom faces (or its “orientation”) is an important quality all educational buildings must keep in mind. The wrong orientation can result in higher energy bills and a less comfortable environment. The right orientation, on the other hand, yields many positive results such as better natural light and temperature in the classroom.


The light, whether natural or artificial, holds a great deal of importance within an educational building. The right design will allow for natural light to come into the classroom, giving students and teachers a more energetic and refreshing environment. Using the best artificial light can also positively impact those within the school.


Every student should be able to hear what the teacher has to say. Faulty acoustics in a classroom can impede a student’s learning. EXIGO contemplates this detail and understands the importance of proper acoustics, especially within the classroom.


The hallways inside a school also hold great value to the overall wellness of those within the building. Connecting between classrooms quickly and efficiently is important. Well-lit hallways with wide spaces are comfortable and safe.

Temperature and Air Quality

Although the orientation of the classrooms and school at large play a big role in the building’s overall temperature, air conditioning is also necessary in order for students and faculty to feel comfortable throughout the day and throughout the entire school year. Air quality is also important, especially within a learning environment. Clean air is intrinsic to a healthy lifestyle and since children and teachers alike spend many hours inside their schools, they should be breathing the cleanest air possible.

Choose EXIGO for Educational Architecture

EXIGO is an El Paso-based architecture firm that specializes in crafting precise designs. When it comes to educational architecture and design, we understand exactly what is required for the building to be as optimally positive as possible. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.




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