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EXIGO and Higher Education - Designing the Future

Designing buildings for higher education campuses requires the right precision and care. Whether it’s a single building or an entirely new campus, EXIGO will bring the perfect level of detail to the designs and to the project overall. But how exactly does design factor into the success of higher education campuses? It’s simple. Campuses must serve the purpose of accommodating students and faculty while enticing prospective students to apply at said university. In addition, the right design will allow the campus to look beautiful while serving the purpose of giving students and faculty a beautiful place where they can learn and thrive.

The Difference Between Designing K-12 and Higher Education Buildings

higher education building designHigher education campuses are different than K-12 campuses for a wide variety of reasons. The first, most obvious one is the size difference. Higher education campuses must be very large in order to accommodate various college buildings, dormitory buildings, student unions, and dining halls. In general, K-12 campuses tend to be one large building with classrooms, a cafeteria, a theater and a gymnasium.

Designing buildings for higher education campuses offers many exciting opportunities. These opportunities can be squandered if a subpar design is brought to the project. EXIGO strives to craft the most meticulously perfect designs for every project we undertake. Since our team doesn’t have a specific style, our clients will truly see exactly what they want and need come to life. When the time comes to design the best space for higher education campuses, the interior and exterior hold the same level of importance.

The Ideal Interior

University campuses always require space, whether for events or for classes. EXIGO can make the most use of the space in question. We design buildings that comfortably accommodate students and faculty. The hallways are open and comfortable in order to ease travel. And, most importantly, the classrooms will be comfortable and acoustically sound. Many details must work in unison in order for the interior of a higher education building to thrive. At EXIGO, we continually keep these important details in mind. We know exactly what’s required for higher education projects to go off without a hitch.

What’s Expected from an Enthusiastic Exterior

Although what’s inside a campus building is what truly counts, the exterior still holds important value to the university’s entire aesthetic. At EXIGO, we design exactly what our clients want. We won’t implement or force our own “style” into the project. Instead, we will listen to all your needs and wants and craft a beautiful design accordingly. Whether you desire the new building to stand out or you’d like it to blend in, we can make it happen. The exterior of a higher education building is a welcome canvas for creativity and beauty. Choose EXIGO and your higher education campus design needs will be met.




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