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EXIGO — Designing Commercial Buildings that Matter

Aesthetically purposeful design has a positive influence in the business environment. At EXIGO, we believe that every project presents a unique set of challenges. Furthermore, we understand the current trend of taking functionality to another level. Today’s, more sophisticated user enjoys and looks for the experience of the environment created by an harmonious design with the perfect balance and integration of interior and exterior spaces.

How Architecture Shapes The Environment

design commercial buildingsEXIGO’s creativity and expertise has contributed to shaping the El Paso region. Our services range from feasibility studies, site planning and architectural design, to construction documents, permitting and construction supervision, both in new buildings as well as for renovations. With more than 30 years of experience, our team has designed a significant number of projects in the El Paso and Houston areas. Our corporate clients’ projects include a wide variety of commercial projects such as apartments, restaurants, financial institutions, schools, hotels, and shopping centers, to name a few.

In addition to providing creative solutions in a highly efficient environment where clients experience the space in Three-Dimensional format during the design stage, we also deliver precise, detailed construction documents to make the project a functional, aesthetic and cost-effective reality for our clients.




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